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"Danika gave me tools to feel empowered and to regain control of some of my fears. She helped me understand the « solid vs fluid » in my life and how to let go of things I can not control."

"Through my work with Danika, I have learned a great deal of self confidence and a lot more self awareness. I've gained self responsibility by stepping into my power and allowing myself to be present with my emotions/feelings. Danika has a way of taking all my mixed thoughts and feelings and translating them in ways that became clear and make sense to me. My favorite part of working with Danika is that she made me feel very comfortable and seen. I loved that there was homework to keep me responsible as well as personal recordings for me to listen too when ever needed. I would recommend working with Danika to anyone who is ready to do the hard work and take that step of investing into themselves." - Chelsea Hovrath

"Working with Danika has significantly transformed the way I feel in my own body and the way I interact with the world around. I had done a lot of work (therapy, courses, books, etc.) but no matter what I did, I still felt blocked and held back from repetitive cycles. With Danika she provided an approach very different to anything I had done before. I felt significant shifts during and after our first session and as our work progressed. Throughout the six weeks my thought process, emotions, perspectives, and ultimately behaviors began to transform and with that, the world around me. Danika always provided an extremely professional and safe environment. She truly listens to her clients and provides them with exactly what they need. To say that working with Danika changed my life, my career, and my relationships, would be an understatement. Words will never express what working with Danika has done for me and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to take back their power and live their highest potential. Do not hesitate - she is truly magic!"

"Working with Danika has been one, if not THE most transformational and effective developmental experiences I have had in the past decade. With her support, I have been able to create sustainable, empowered change that extends beyond the session and in to every aspect of my life. I feel like a different person since working with her, in all of the best ways. Her ability to direct me to the root of my challenges and to become more embodied, reflect a new way of Being that I had hoped to experience, but never thought I could in such a short amount of time. It truly blows me away some days to see how far I have come. The tools I have learned, I now use daily and have shifted the way I relate to my self and the world around me. I would recommend her to everyone... she truly has a gift!"


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"I loved how relevant the Talking to bodies advanced training is! I already feel that what I learned will help me connect with my students better. I feel like I now have a little compass in my teaching toolbelt."



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