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1:1 Somatic Therapy

Embark on a journey to create home in your body, to become a better listener of yourself & live the life you want.

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What's Somatic Therapy?

Let's break down the word Somatic first. 

"Soma" means body. Somatic tools access the body directly.

Somatic Therapy involves moving through a unique coaching process with attention and connection to the body, using body-based practices supported by a trauma-informed certified practitioner. These practices can include Breathwork, IFS, elements, inner child work, etc.

During a Somatic Theraoy process, you become:

- better at listening to your body cues

- better at navigating life's challenges through a neutral perspective.

- better at navigating your relationships (self + with others)

- better at owning your unique energy (using Human Design), taking up space with your voice and desires.

& much more can happen in this time working together.

You become better at seeing your own projections, stories, beliefs and shadows that hold you back from stepping into bigger shoes.

Somatic Therapy or Coaching supports you in accessing your powerful era while taking what you've learned through self-help and embodying the qualities that make you a playful, creative, connected, clear leader of yourself and others - without all the BS stress, anxiety, people pleasing tendancies, etc.

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Is this for ME?

This is for you if...


✨You're ready to be supported in moving through your limitations.

✨You've lived in a way that's felt powerless to your stress or anxiety,  or you've noticed patterns of self-sabotage, people pleasing or if you've been repeating the same cycles, feeling like you're dating the same person or attracting shitty circumstances. 

✨You're ready to take more responsibility in your life, and ready to implement change in how you interact with yourself, with people and with life.

✨ You've done the mental loops around trying to change, and are looking for a compassionate & direct body-approach to transformation.


What's a session like?

Every session is different. As we begin, you get clear on your direction which can evolve over time. 

We start the session with a quick check in - what's been coming up, stories, emotions, sensations... Then establish a direction for the session and connect to the body. The body speaks and we move through whatever is coming up.

This could involve discovering protective parts of you, stories or beliefs you've created, dynamics you've played part in, etc.

Towards the end of the session, we move into responsibility and shifting beliefs & stories.

Finally, you are given homework for the week. This can be in form of observation, embodiment or more. (Something tangible to integrate what we've learned and worked through so far).

What's the outcome?

We work together so you can start living from the body, listening to yourself more attentively, understand your energy type and begin integrating strategies to move through life with more ease, peace, satisfaction and success. Through this process, you may feel more powerful in your life, own your voice and experience yourself more connected to yourself and to your people.

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Location? Duration? Investment?

We can do these sessions over zoom or in the comfort of your space or room rental.

3 months 
Bi-weekly 60min calls



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