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Moncton's Women Circle

Break the mold, expand your heart & create powerful friendships.


✅ you're ready for healthy, fulfilling and supportive friendships with women, which supports your growth.


✅ you've been craving a space to develop your voice & ability to communicate & lean into challenges with more ease, less triggered reaction.


✅ you're ready to create ritual of tending to yourself.


✅ you're ready to have conversations around sister-wounds, to claim more self-responsibility and to become solid in how you show up in your relationships.



Themed sessions

Grounding Somatic exercises (breathwork, meditation, movement)

Intimacy games/exercises

Conversations & circle shares

Journal Prompts

Guest teachers



The Moncton's Women Circle is a place to cultivate your own sense of safety, step into your power alongside other women, and create more ease within friendships.


My hope for this is that you enhance the quality of all your relationships, and along the way, make some new friends & feel closer to yourself.

IG POSTS-20.png


I've had my share of heartbreak in friendships, miscommunications, stories of betrayal, etc. It got me close to giving up on the idea of having secure, supportive women in my life.


Over the past few years, I've been on a journey of rewriting that story, and I've brought so much beauty in my life in the shape of women friendships that feel so nourishing & empowering.


What I've come to realize is that seeing yourself and leaning in is a choice and a skill.


If you're like, Danika!! What the heck is this??! That sounds scary!!!


I hear you. It can be weird to try something new, and I invite you to come in with your tender heart and meet yourself where you're at. You will never be forced to participate in anything, and this gets to be a place for establishing safety, as well as a place for growth & self -responsibility.

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