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For all the Swifties out there... Get ready for a yoga experience featuring Taylor Swift's albums...

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What you can expect:

✅ a unique vibe for each ERA

✅ movement inspired by the album


✅ all the permission to sing along or be in your feels

✅ optional neck rubs at the end of class


✅ connecting with other Swifties


✅ having the best sleep after class


The Vibe

You know I will be creating a special space, right? 

The class is meant to capture the essence of the album or theme. Most Swiftie flows will be a fun time. A place to play, sing and get into the feels of Taylor's iconic songs & storytelling.


Sing your heart out on your mat or groove along with friends & new friends.

Beginner & intermediate yogis are welcome! 


Your Swiftie Facilitator

...a longtime Swiftie myself.


I don't think I would have picked up the guitar if it wasn't for my 14 year old self needing to play teardrops on my guitar. 

Taylor's music has been with me through highs and lows, through empowerment and wishful thinking. I love holding space for a bit of her magic.

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Session Theme

Each session will cover 1 specific ERA (album). That ERA marks the theme of the night. Some nights may be high energy, others more chill or even emotional. Come to the ERAS you resonate with most, or come to all to experience a journey through her music.

As we bring Taylor's albums to life in the yoga space, It's an opportunity to connect with the parts of you that have resonated with her throughout the years.

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