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A Yoga Teacher 1:1 mentorship to refine your Teaching & Space Holding with personalized support.

For those who want to create experiences beyond a regular yoga class. - with confidence & skill. 

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1 session: $150

3 sessions: $375


You believe Yoga Classes can be an incredible space for growth & healing, and you want to be THAT yoga teacher who brings people through an experience.

You're ready to take the guessing game out of holding space, be more connected to yourself and develop your Leader's intuition.


You're ready to move from comparing yourself to other space holders, to owning your prensence and voice, and having more fun doing what you love - more skillfully.


You just want someone to clock your blindspots and see where you can improve because you value continuous growth on your yoga teacher journey.

This offer is your opportunity to get direct support & feedback on your yoga teaching or coaching, so you can take your space holding to the next level.

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1:1 Mentorship

Who is this for?

A new or not so new yoga teacher. 

Perfect for those who know there's room to grow & refine skill, who want to incorporate a body-approach to their teaching & want a place to develop & receive direct feedback to apply.

If you're ready to create profound experiences, amplify your impact & have your clients feel so held by you, the 1:1 Mentorship will bring you closer to yourself, challenge you to stretch your comfort zone & improve your Space Holding.


Meet your Mentor

I'm Danika,

I’m a trained & experienced somatic coach & yoga teacher, but that doesn’t make me great at holding space. What does is my attention to detail in 👉 how I support an environment that invites curiosity, body awareness & playfulness. It's how I listen, communicate, analyze the relationship between client/facilitator & how I lead with personality.  I will invite you to get you curious about how you can become a better space holder without regurgitating the things you know, but instead, by getting clear on why you do what you do & bringing out your unique magic, with a solid foundation.

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You ready for mentorship?

Contact me to see if we'd be a good fit.

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